JunanaGN_CVR_sarah_2NEW: Junana: Game Nation. Ten years after the Game opened on the social network Junana, gamers across the planet are reforging their towns and cities, their farms and factories into a million small engines for an emergent future: a world-wide Game Nation. Some gamers are young and eager for adventure, some are older and seek serenity. Everyone who joins a grange gets a share. Sharing is the heart of the new order, that and Shine: your accomplishments and reputation. This new economy expresses a capitalism refocused on sustainable, durable consumption and on machines that anyone can build and use. As a million daisies bloom across the Earth, the rest of the world remains fascinated by their celebrity icons and the lure of fortune and fame. They can’t even see the future being built by their peers in abandoned strip malls and auto dealerships. Samantha Mooney is running from her family, fleeing a life most of her friends would die for. She is running into a new future, one where she will need to forge her own Shine.

Joseph Kumbar just turned eleven. The Game has big plans for this little man. Joseph’s family makes a tiny living selling sandals on the streets of Mysore, India. Joseph isn’t running anywhere. The Game Nation found him right where he lives. And then it turned his life around. The rest-of-the-world is not about to sit back and get blind-sided by a bunch of radical capitalists. Since they can’t beat them, they have plans to destroy the Game Nation. Now it’s us or them for the future of the planet.

Junana Cover

Junana Cover

Junana takes you to the present you wished were already here. Junana tracks the arc of a new society in an alternative present time, using concepts and technologies that are mostly available today. Junana displays the future of education that many top scholars in the field are beginning to discuss. The eventual convergence of Internet gaming and education will put powerful learning tools into the hands of teens. In Junana we follow several of these teens as their world explodes through their Game experiences. In Junana the future is now, and we are all gamers. Junana is the beginning of a series of books that lead the reader into this new present. The next book, Junana: Game Nation, explores the impacts of a new society of gamers creating the first non-place-based polity. This could mean war.

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