Junana: Game Nation and Game State
Game Nation/State is a project with a lot of great input. With two years of research and over 1100 pieces of research information (from websites to books) in the data base, the book covers a whole lot of ground, from the sharing economy to a range of new thoughts on how to implement a novel form of capitalism as a radical departure from the existing forms. I am going to try to get the entire database (which is in Devonthink) up on the web somehow.
The text also got some serious input from beta readers across the planet. In particular, Tom Wright, Adam Shepherd, Mark Gahegan, Louis Caron, and Lis Pinsker took time to review the entire copy. Others are still reviewing their early versions, and so I have posted a 1.1 update, correcting some of the many typos, and filling in the problematic prose where this needed some tweaks. Early readers have been instrumental in pushing the prose to a better tighter text. I’m looking forward to new insights I can add (with credit). All the remaining typos are mine, mine I tell you!

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